Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Getting familiar with a partner is wonderful. Once you know what they like, everything gets so much better. And it starts paying dividends surprisingly quickly. You only need a few sessions and the exponential curve begins. And this is awesome, because doing things people like is awesome.

Case in point: the ex-boyfriend of previous posts. I asked him what he liked. He didn't have much idea; he volunteered that he liked French kissing? Rubbing his back would make him collapse and laugh and cry dramatically, but there was only so much mileage I could get out of that. Basically he seemed to have no turn-ons besides 'touch my penis' and even that didn't work reliably; he was the one who, during our first three sessions, didn't come.

'I guess I get more pleasure from what I do to other people,' he sighed.

Then towards the end of one kissing session I kissed his neck. We stopped for some reason that I forget, but he mused,

'Yeah, I think there was something vaguely sexual there...'

Next time we were kissing, I remembered this and kissed the side of his neck. He made some noises that sounded hopeful. I pressed firmly into his neck where it curves into the shoulder, and then I licked all the way up the front of his neck.

'What are you doing?' he demanded.

'I'm licking your neck,' I said. 'Do you like it?'

He did. He asked me to do it more.

Necks are my very favourite things.

A couple more little licks and kisses and he was gone. I just lay there on top of him, kissing his neck and listening to him breathing.

'It feels so good,' he whispered. 'It feels really good...'

I literally skipped home after that. And from then on, I always knew exactly how to make him melt. I can't believe he'd never tried something as mainstream as having his neck kissed before.

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